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WTS/WTT Chilean 1895 short rifle in 7x57 mauser

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North Las Vegas
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Decided to let this go after enjoying my yugo m24/47 more and finding ammo selection much easier(bought a case online but then order was put to backorder go figure). This is the short rifle version not the ungodly long one. I completely stripped this thing down and scrubbed off all filth, rust, and cosmoline off this rifle. It had some pitting along the stock line towards the muzzle end of the barrel but its not really noticeable unless receiver is removed from stock and it is not that bad. The good news is all pitting is isolated to only here none anywhere else. Stock shows wear but in good shape you can still see the cartouche on the stock and crest on the receiver but a bit worn. Bore is a little dark but rifling looks sharp. Not numbers matching. Still has the tag on trigger guard from when it was originally sold after importation.
It's only missing the cleaning rod.

Looking to get 350$ for this






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I’m definitely not an expert but I do know that Loewe stopped manufacturing them in 1897 so it looks like you have a genuine “antique“ there.
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It has an A prefix on serial number which I just looked up with what you're saying I think you're right so I guess this won't need an FFL transfer although I originally bought it through an FFL so a background check was done at the time