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Precision Armory
2540 W. Warm Springs Rd. Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89119


Dead Air Mask .22 Suppressor $339.99
Sig Sauer SRD45 Too low to list.
Silencero Co Chimera $824.99
SilencerCo Maxim 9MM Handgun $999.99
SilencerCo Octane 45K $699.99

Lowers in stock
Anderson lowers $59.99
CMMG Stripped $99.99
Spikes 9mm glock $169.99
Spikes Snowflake, Viking, Pineapple $109.99
Spikes Phu Spade or Phu Joker $119.99

Handguns .22LR / .22 MAG
German Sport Gun GSG Firefly with threaded barrel black $239.99
Kel-Tec PMR30 Black $349.99
Kel-Tec PMR30 Tungsten $409.99

Handguns .380 in stock
Sig Sauer P238 Emperor Scorpion Call for special price
Sig Sauer P238 Rosewood call for special pricing
Sig Sauer P238 Black Call for special pricing
Smith & Wesson Body guard with or without safety $279.99
Smith & Wesson Body guard with laser $369.99
Smith & Wesson M&P EZ with Safety.380 Shield $379.99
Springfield 911 2 tone $549.99
Taurus 380UL Revolver $319.99
Walther PK380 Angel Blue $349.99
Walther PK380 Black and stainless $349.99

Handguns 9mm
Arex REXZERO BLK $599.99
Canik TP9SFX Race gun! $519.99
Canik TP9SFX With Vortex Optic $679.99
Century Draco Nak-9 $679.99
Charles daily PAK9 with Glock adaptor $499.99
CZ 2075 Rami with night sights $699.99
CZ P-10 FDE with night sights 91521 $499.99
CZ P-10 Black 91520 $479.99
CZ P-10 Black Compact Suppressor ready $509.99
CZ P-09 Gray with threaded barrel $599.99
CZ P-07 Gray with threaded barrel $549.99
CZ 75B Omega Black $559.99
CZ 75B Omega Urban Gray thread barrel $599.99
CZ 75 P-01 Omega Urban gray threaded with decocker $599.99
CZ 75 SP-01 Tact black with safety $649.99
CZ 75 SP-01 Tact with decocker 91153 $649.99
CZ 75 SP-01 Tact Urban Gray threaded barrel $699.99
CZ 75D PCR $579.99
CZ SHADOW 2 Gray $1139.99
CZ SHADOW 2 Black and Blue $1169.99
CZ Scopion EVO 3 S1 Black $799.99 with brace $979.99
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 GRAY $829.99
FN FNS 9C Black Call for special price
FN 509 Tactical Call for special price
Freedom Ordnance FX-9 $679.99
Glock 17 Gen 4 Glock night sights $539.99
Glock 19 Gen 4 $499.99
Glock 19 Gen 4 Cerakote Navy $519.99
Glock 19 Gen 5 Fixed sights $539.99
Glock 19 Gen 5 Glock night sights $579.99
Glock 19 Gen 5 Glock Bold Ameriglo $629.99
Glock 19X Gen 5 $599.99
Glock 26 Gen 5 $539.99
Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS $699.99
Glock 43 $459.99
Glock 43 Talo with night sight $499.99
Glock 43 Factory Night Sights $499.99
Glock 43 FDE Cerakote $499.99
Glock 43 Custom American flag Cerakote $549.99
Grand power Stribog with brace adaptor $799.99
H&K VP9 Grey $589.99
H&K VP9SKLE 3 mags with night sights $669.99
Hudson H9 $999.99
Kriss Vector SDP With Signle point sling $1199.99
Kriss Vector SDP With Brace $1329.99
Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender $499.99
PTR PTR91 Mlok HK Clone $1749.99
Ruger EC9S $239.99
Ruger Security $319.99
Ruger Security with laser $349.99
Sig Sauer MPX K PSB 4.5 INCH W/ BRACE call for special pricing!
Sig Sauer MPX Tacops Talo Edition Call for special price
Sig Sauer P226 Legion Too low to list
Sig Sauer p229 Legion Too low to list
Sig Sauer P320 Sub Compact factory demo $469.99
Sig Sauer P320 Compact, Carry, Full Size $499.99
Sig Sauer P320 M17 $649.99
Sig Sauer P320 X CARRY Call for special pricing!
Sig Sauer P320 X FIVE Full size call for special price.
Sig Sauer P938 Desert Tan Combat Call for special pricing!
Sig Sauer P938 Emperor Scorpion Call for special price
Sig Sauer P938 Black Rubber Grips Call for special price
Sig Sauer SP2022 Too low to list
Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact with or without safe Black $429.99
Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 4.25 $459.99
Smith and Wesson FDE 5inch $ 459.99
Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Tactical $519.99
Smith and Wesson SD9/SDVE Black, FDE, 2 Tone $299.99
Springfield XD-9 4.0 FDE Threaded barrel $ 449.99
Springfield XDS-9 Mod 2 $479.99
Springfield XDS-9 W/Laser $499.99
Springfield XDS-9 W/ Night sights $524.99
Springfield XDE 4 Mags, holster and case $489.99
Taurus G2C the new PT-111 Black $249.99
Taurus G2C 2 tone $269.99
Taurus PT-111 Brown $249.99
Walther CCP Purple and Black $349.99

Handguns .38/.357 in stock
Ruger LCRX .357 $499.99
Smith and Wesson 442 $369.99
Smith and Wesson 442 Pro $379.99
Smith and Wesson 638 $369.99
Smith and Wesson 642 $369.99
Smith and Wesson 642 Pro $389.99
Smith and Wesson 642 with laser $499.99
Taurus 850ul $319.99

Handguns 40 and .45acp in stock
ATI firepower xtreme G1 $519.99
FN FNX-45 TACTICAL FDE, BLACK, GRAY Call for special price! Crazy deal!
Glock 41 Gen 4 MOS Call for special pricing!
Rock Island M1911A1 2 tone $549.99
Springfield XDS Mod2 with 4 mags, Holster and Case $519.99
Springfield XDS Mod2 With night sights $549.99

Handguns .45long /.410 in stock
Taurus Judge black public defender $449.99 black
Taurus Judge 3 inch black $ $449.99

Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LAW TACT w/brace Brown pistol call for special
FN FIVE SEVEN 5.7 Blk or FDE call for special price.
Masterpiece Arms 5.7x28 MAC10 clone $649.99
Ruger Precision 6.5 CREED MLok new $1199.99
Ruger Precision 6.5 CREED MLok new barret brown $1279.99
Sig Sauer MCX Rattler 300blk Call for special price.

Shotguns .410 12 and 20G
Charles Daly Hancho $299.99
Kel-Tec KSG Black $789.99
Kel-Tec KSG Titanium $829.99
Mossberg Shockwave .410 $370.99
Mossberg Shockwave $379.99
Mossberg Shockwave 20g $379.99
Mossberg Shockwave Marine coat 2 tone $399.99
Remington Tac-14 Mag fed $489.99
Remington Tac-14 Woodstock $449.99
Remington 870 DM Mag fed $469.99 6 round mag
Rock Island Marine coat 12g $249.99
Rock Island VR-60 $459.99
Titan Arms HDD Shotgun $199.99
Utas 15 12g Black with breacher $869.99

Rifles 22LR / 22Mag Rifles
Kel-Tec CMR30 Black $539.99
Kel-Tec CMR30 Titanium $569.99
Rossi RS22 $139.99
Ruger 10/22 Black $239,99
Ruger 10/22 Stainless $259.99
Ruger 10/22 Talo American Eagle engraved $349.99
Ruger Precision 22lr $429.99
Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Combo with case and optic $429.99

Rifles / Pistol .223 /5.56
Arsenal SLR-106ur pistol with brace $799.99
Anderson AM-15 with truglo optic $574.99
Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Black call for special price
DPMS Oracle with Truglo optic $599.99
FN FN15 FNP15 5.56 Pistol with brace call for special price
FN FN14 Patrol Carbine (call for crazy price!)
Diamondback DB15 Pistol FDE with S&B brace $799.99
Kekltec RDB Black $999.99
Keltec PLR16 $599.99
Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Magpul edition $619.99
Springfield Saint pistol $879.99
Springfield Saint $849.99
Springfield Saint Free float $949.99
Springfield Saint Edge $1179.99

Rifles .308 /762NATO
Diamondback DB10 FLUTED STAINLESS 18inch $939.99
DPMS Oracle LR308 $829.99
Kel-Tec RFB 18 Black $1349.99
Kel-Tec RFB 18 ODG $1399.99
Ruger Precision Mlok New model $1199.99

Rifles / Pistol 7.62x39 & 5.45x39
Arsenal SLR 107-61 CR Black side folder with krink $1299.99
Century Arms Mini Draco $699.99
Century Arms RAS-47 Draco 10 inch $699.99
Century Arms Wasr-10 $749.99
Century Arms Wasr-10 Underfolder $799.99
Molot Vepr Russian AK47-21 Side folder $1599.99

Rifles 9mm
Beretta CX4 Storm $699.99
Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Carbine $699.99
Keltec Sub2000 gen2 Glock 19 Black $449.99
Ruger PC Carbine takedown $529.99

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