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Pay it forward


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I had this safe for years, upgraded, moved it from one room to another, can no longer get it open and now it's just taking up space in the garage so it needs to find a new home. I have the combination and will happily provide it to anyone wanting the safe. I don't know if there are any special tricks to getting it opened - I know it just needs to be gone.

I can't deliver but will be happy to assist loading it - dimensions are 59" tall, 21" wide and 16" deep, it'a fairly heavy. "I'll take it" rules but I expect it to be gone within a three (3) days of someone claiming it or I will move onto the next member. Located in NW Las Vegas (Centennial).
How much ya think it weighs? Im tempted to take it but dont want to kill myself in the process. Haha


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In Reno!

Craftsman 2 1/4 ton hydraulic car jack. 15" is as high as she goes which is nowhere near my lifted FJ. I bought my FJ in 2010 so this has been sitting around since then for some reason. I just got a Harbor Freight low-pro hi-lift floor jack so come pick this up. I have jack stands somewhere as well if I can find them, I'll throw em in. Jack works great just won't lift my FJ.

I'm North Sparks, so before you say you'll take it, we must meet in a location convenient to me around Pyramid HWY & La Posada. Or I work off South Meadows and 395 so that could be arranged as well.
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series tickets - Sept. 30

Would anyone like two (2) tickets to next week's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series tickets? Let me know - "I'll take it" rules. Located in Centennial (NW).


Please close

Posted in Paying it Forward section but wanted to let everyone aware they were available since the event is next Saturday. Two (2) tickets for next week's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series tickets - Sept. 30 - absolutely free! Located in Centennial (NW) - I'll take it rules!

5.56 AP

Gateway Monitor

Flat screen Gateway monitor. Screen measures 15". Works fine. I just don't have a use for it.


5.56 AP

Track Lighting

New in box. 2 bulb track lighting. I bought it to put over my bench, then moved. Now I don't need it. Free, but I wouldn't say no to a box of 9mm if you feel so inclined. :smilewinkgrin: