SOLD- California Highway Patrol S&W 4013 TSW (Las Vegas)

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I'm thinking of selling on my California Highway Patrol issued Smith & Wesson 4013 TSW.

This is the compact, .40 S&W DA/SA with the 9 round staggered magazine, not the single stack. These were specially made for the California Highway Patrol and issued to senior and plainclothes officers. I bought this along with a CHP marked duty size 4006 but shoot that one a lot more. Love both but decided to sell one to fund some other interests.

Great size for carry, very comfortable to shoot. I have 2 mags and a nice Bianchi thumb break OWB carry holster for it. I do not believe very many of these were ever acquired by CHP, and would be great for any fan of LEO/agency pistols or someone looking for a solid carry weapon.

Always open to any respectful offers or trades. I'm looking for $500, local Las Vegas area sales to NV CCW holders only. I'm in the Summerlin area, please PM me with any questions.



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Would you take 425.00 cash in hand....

Ready to buy now no BS just buy meet you anywhere .....

Thanks for considering my offer ..... NO offence intended

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