SOLD: Mosin Nagant M91/30 + 700 Rounds 7.62x54R

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Bought this rifle in 2012 or so, cleaned out all of the cosmoline and put maybe 250 rds through it. Still in great condition. Ammo and gun are a package deal. $400 OBO. Located in Henderson, NV. I don't have pics of the ammo at the moment but I can say that I have 240 rounds in the original Russian paper pouches and another intact spam can with 440 rds.


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If you can take a pic of the top of the receiver, this will show the year of production and the arsenal that made it.
You should find stamped serial numbers is these locations:
1) top of receiver just below year of manufacture
2) Serial on bolt body
3) Serial on floor plate
4) Serial on top tang of butt plate
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