WTS/WTT S&W 1006, Ruger LCP II

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First is this gorgeous Smith & Wesson 1006 10mm with 2 factory magazines (yellow followers) 1 and a half boxes of Barnes Vor-Tx 155gr HP, 1 box of doubletap 135gr Nosler JHP & 1 half box of doubletap 200gr Hardcast. No original box but a pistol rug ive kept it in. Im not the original owner and have taken it to the range once, ran 2 mags thru it, cleaned it then have put it away. It is not a beater gun by any means and this one goes because I have another complete in the box. Am asking $850

Second is a Ruger LCP II with 2 factory mags, factory pocket holster and a box of underwood 65gr Xtreme Defender, Hornady Custom 90gr XTP and a few loose winchester rounds. $275

All trade offers welcome, nothing surplus please. Can package both if necessary. Exchanges/Sale will be made at Bass Pro or other mutually agreed upon location.

Located Eastern & 215


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