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WTS Close please

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Selling my new unfired Noveske Gen 4 shorty 10.5 cold hammer forged. The gen 4 is completely ambi and one of the best firearms around. Pistol has new upgraded Noveske marked Superlative Arms adjustable gas block ($100). I was gonna SBR the pistol but unfortunately selling because I have had to put a good amount of money into my Garage and I’m looking to recoup some of the cash. Really don’t want to sell this one but it’s life. This pistol with tax and transfer is just over 3k. Price is $2500 with no light and $2700 with Surefire m300 and Unity hot button. Buyer to pay transfer.
4D048F3C-7A68-4CD3-BF49-78BF0BDE5E1B.jpeg 6D4FC3FE-174D-4E0B-ABF3-709B25B31EE2.jpeg 6DA0D41E-0720-449B-961D-4140B16D86A5.jpeg C7701A58-07B4-4597-98AC-6ECD4B2BCD1A.jpeg
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