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Good/honest car stereo repair shops, (mobile preferred)

Sometimes there is a code which must be entered after power has been interrupted.
I assume it’s an anti theft thing so anyone who steals your stereo won’t be able to use it
if u got it from crutchfield call them - their customer service is great


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Simple battery replacement then yeah I would look for the owner's manual or radio code card for the radio code.
Did the unit come with a remote?


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Given that its aftermarket, probably just popped a fuse. Pull it out and check the main power wire.


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"turn it off and back on again? You cant turn it off or on? Okay unplug it, and plug it back in. Did that work?"

This method works a surprising amount of times whenever a modern computer is involved. Still kind of surprised to see it work here though. Glad you got it solved.