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I don't believe in the no-win scenario
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above article said:
If you are found guilty in civil court, then the policy would cover any costs you would have to pay, up to your coverage limit, with you footing the bill for the rest.

If you’re found guilty in a criminal case for your self-defense incident, however, Right to Bear does not cover the costs of either the trial or any penalties you may have to pay.
You would think someone writing a review of legal matters would understand there is no "guilty" in a civil trial.

Either criminal defense is not paid up front, or you'd be on the hook to reimburse if you "lose." Remember that if the circumstances are grey enough that you are being prosecuted, there will be a plea deal. Accepting a plea deal almost always counts as "guilty."


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"The team at Right To Bear has surveyed our customers carefully for over the last year and are answering your call!!
The NEW Right to Bear program provides UNLIMITED legal protection, both civil and criminal, should you find yourself in a self-defense situation. No caps or limits of coverage!
DO NOT WAIT!! Ensure your freedom today! Plans start at $11 per month / $125 per year"

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Got this email from RightToBear.
Seems like a great excuse to try this out:
"In honor of Shot Show last week, we are offering a 20% discount to RTB with the code SHOTSHOW. This discount ends this Friday! "
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