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WTS An assortment of stuff: 30 Carbine, AR Special Birdcage, Glock 40 Mags, 410 Defense Shells

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Coup d'etat

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Greetings to all. I have some stuff here that I don't really need. Cash is king. I'm southwest near 215/ Rainbow. Can meet at Bass Pro or Red Rock area (shooting range). Here we go......

1) 410 shotgun ammo. Hornady Critical Defense 20 rounds full box. Each shell has a .41 slug and two round .35 balls. One box Winchester Super Speed #6 shot. 25 rounds full box. $20.00 for both boxes

2) 50 rounds of nice and clean .30 Carbine tracer. Lake City Aresenal date 1953 Korean War. $45.00

3) Pike Arms CNC machined partial AR15 birdcage. This classic birdcage is open on top and closed on the bottom to make it into a recoil reducer and flash hider. Same classic look, but dual purpose design. $10.00

4) Glock Model 20, 22, 23, 35 ?? .40 Cal (10mm) magazines. Two 13 rounders and one 15 rounder. Two of the mags are pre-ban "LEO" stamped, all made in Austria. $75.00 (Mags are SOLD)

5) Rare box of Polish Radom 8mm (7.92) dated 1936, three years before Hitler invaded Poland. Standard 15 round box, bright and clean. Cupronickle bullet. Scarce ammo! If you have a Polish K98 Mauser, this would be a great addition. $65.00

Let me know if you have any questions. thanks, Coup



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