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In Memoriam . . . Members Gone Too Soon


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We lost another long time member this past Friday, Curt Mick, Lonerider, aged 62, died of a heart attack while driving to his newly purchased home in Utah.
He managed to pull his F350 and travel trailer over to the shoulder of the road on 160 about 10 miles east of Pahrump before he died, typical of him, not wanting to endanger others because of his actions. 25 years as a cop, lots of scrapes, shootings, traffic accidents and he goes out like this.

He leaves behind two sons, his horse and dog, and a large number of friends.

Rest in peace buddy.
Wow! So sad to hear.


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Rest Easy 04Mar2019. David Famiglietti was a good Italian, a family man, a veteran, 620 red horse, a patriot, successful business owner, angler, hunter, fisherman too. He was a good boss, he was my boss. We had so much to bring out with his vision this year of 2019 and now I won't see him anymore. He always knew that "Cass" or now "Jim" will always be a "Fuller boy" and you encouraged me to keep that piece of individual freedom, "A Fuller Boy" in his establishment. It maybe an unpopular decision at the time but you backed me up without hesitation each and every time.
I never had too many conversations with him and haven't seen him much because him and we are all running a 100 miles an hour. In the end he encouraged us that New Frontier Armory will be affordable and strive for best quality and be accessible to all. Responses will be given in a 24 hour wait time. 2019, we will be spearheading forward with new products and less wait times without you. It is not fair.

Those chickens boss. My girlfriend Stephanie's hen laid four eggs and a regular diet of Cheetos popcorn and Cheetos. Cluckshot, the Rhode Island rooster was victim to coyotes in Pahrump, his Dad, Brian at Witzend Ranch misses him. The White rooster, Rhode Island White? , the last one that you gave to me is in "Battle Born Farm" in Las Vegas, NV. He is so well behaved that he is with the general population.

I seem to get gifts from dead friends. Boss Dave, you left me a "Build a wall!" Legos on the White Elephant on your Christmas Party.
I love boss, rest in paradise.
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