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WTS - no longer for sale -Blue Force Gear M4 Triple, P07 LH holster, BCM Gunfighter Grip

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Trades: (5.56, 7.62x39, 6.5 Grendel, 9mm, 380 acp)

Meet me at one of these:
LVMPD substation (6975 W Windmill Ln)
Walmart (Blue Diamond & Rainbow)
Home Depot Arroyo Market Square (215 & Rainbow)
Ventura Munitions (Russell & Valley View)
Bass Pro (Blue Diamond & 15)
Town Square
Green Valley Library

$15 used, LH P07 holster w extended barrel by Silver Bullet Concealment, extra belt clips incl

$5 for both Triggersafe for AR15

$25 used only fielded once, Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch Grey - MOLLE

$20 used BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Grip Mod 0 - Black

free, BMV Oil Wrench

free, handgun locks, Tac Tub

- spf -
$5 used, Magpul MLOK foregrip
$40 used, Streamlight TLR-1
$10 used, disassembled Vanguard for Glock 9mm, pretty sure everything needed, is there
boresnake 223,
$3 used, original Vanguard for Jframe
$20 used, G42 Vanguard 2.0 with RH claw
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