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The lie of leaving feedback

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There is no spoon
so clearly we’re encouraged to leave feed back for transactions we have with other members here, this thread says so

So as many of us have learned and fallen victim to, retaliation by the a bad party is condoned and allowed to stand by our mods. This has recently happened to me for the second time and frankly I’m done. If retaliatory feedback is allowed, That’s fine, it’s their form they managed and paid for they can do as they please , I’d just wish they would add that into there little link above. I would have never used Feedback had that info been on there. When I asked for help, thinking that retaliatory feedback wouldn’t be allowed on this forum I was told “ we don’t get involved with this sort of stuff “. Am I the only one who thinks that’s ridiculous? You encourage that we leave feedback, but when someone screws us over and we leave negative feedback, LIKE YOU WANT!!!!!, we fall victim to retaliatory negative feedback? And it gets to stand? So the rational person that I am I understand, I don’t own this forum and it’s optional for me to use. So I kindly ask that my account be deleted. I asked days ago and I have been ignored for days. What gives ?
This forum being optional goes both ways, I refuse to be a part of anything let alone a forum that allows punitive tit for tat cloak and dagger behavior.

For the love of God can one of you mods get some sense and delete my account. Ban my IP too while your at it. I want no part of this Circus. Why are you forcing me to keep an open account?
Not open for further replies.