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Brother moving LA --> LV

My brother (in-law) might be moving to LV from LA in the next month or so. I'm trying to do legwork to help him with options for jobs and housing. Who has leads or suggestions?

Very mechanically and electrically gifted. A do-it-right-or-not-at-all hard worker. Most experience in HVAC & home performance. Has CA HVAC contractor license, EPA refrigerant cert, etc. He could walk right into any HVAC job but he would also love to be in a hot rod shop or other classic auto environment. He's restored two vehicles singlehandedly, a Ford pickup and an El Camino. (Also does anyone want to buy one?) Needs to land in $17-$19 range bare minimum.

Small house w small to medium garage. Maybe studio, but garage still needed. Open to roommates. Flexible on location, as far as I know. 2A friendly ideal. House-trained calm dog. Budget is $1k.

More details to come. Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest.


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Reno employment

Hello from Reno.
Anyone in Reno looking for work, my employer Arrow Electronics is hiring big time. You'll need to apply at Prologistics. Arrow is located at Longley and Maestro, you can go by there also and get more information. Not a bad job, start at ten, 12 + plus after with monthly bonus. Right now we are working 10-12 hour days, 5-6 days, we have lots of work, not enough people. And a whole lot better than Amazon. If you need a good check to pay off some late bills this will help, and there are different positions, picking/ shipping, a new E-Commerce section that will need 15-20 people and really the jobs aren't hard or back backing, (maybe receiving) and indoors, this place is growing. I work in supply and like my job and the management, I feel are great people, I'm treated very well. I've gone target shooting with some co-workers also.
Anyway, that my bit for those looking for work.


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Seasonal and possibly beyond positions available in high end furniture and home decor retail. We are looking to hire sales staff, stock associates and visual merchandisers for the holidays and may retain seasonal hires. If anyone is interested in seasonal work or knows anyone. Please PM me and I can provide more information.
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Looking for a second job. Preferably firearms related.

I'm currently employed as a full time union sheet metal worker with Southland Industries. My Mrs was left without her job recently and I need to make up the difference. I'm tired of cannibalizing my firearms and accessories to get the bills paid so I need to find a second job. Being part of the union I cannot work in any non-union HVAC or stainless shop, but am free to seek employment in other industries. I'd love something firearms related so I can work in something I'm passionate over, but the bills need a paying so I'm open to anything.

I'm free every afternoon/evening during the week except for Tuesday, and I'm also available to work weekends.
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Looking for a construction PM with low voltage cabling and systems experience for a non-union contractor in Vegas. Drop me a PM if you're looking or know someone that is. Thanks

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Looking to fill a couple of entry level positions:

1. Runner / warehouse person: drive around town delivering parts to job sites, picking up parts from distributors, helping in the warehouse, shipping / receiving, and general facility maintenance. Must have valid NV drivers license and insurance.
2. Entry level low voltage installer - this is a trainee position that will require training on off hours and may require overtime and / or travel. Must have valid NV drivers license and insurance.

Drop me a PM if you know someone that may be interested.

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Due to growth I'm looking for an access control / surveillance / alarm technician system specialist. This individual should know how to pull / terminate / test cables, read plans and create as-built documentation, and configure the setting in the panels and systems. Please PM me if you're interested with your experience and pay requirements.

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Looking for work in GIS/Remote Sensing or some plumbing sidework. Just bought a house in Las Vegas. I will be moving there in Sept.

Have a MS in GIS, BA in environmental geography, and an undergraduate certificate in GIS.

My previous career was in new construction plumbing. I have a LA city journeyman license and CA C36 contractor license. Not looking to return to this career, but I am available for small jobs. Replace faucets, toilets, angle stops, shut off valves, water heaters, garbage disposals and so on. Install RO, water softeners, whole house filters etc. I take pride in workmanship and can do these small jobs at a great price.


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Coming out of a pseudo retirement and looking for full time work, was in the security field for a long time and door kicker when I was in the military but I'm looking for something less...stressful on the body. If anyone has any leads it would be greatly appreciated
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Company is growing fast and I'm looking for multiple hires:

1. warehouse / delivery / fleet / tools / facility person

2. AV technician

3. Low voltage technician

4. Security and surveillance technician

5. Service technician

PM me for more info.

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The MGM Grand will be hosting a Veterans Career Fair on June 30th from 9:00am-2:00pm in the Grand Ballroom.
Open to all US military veterans, active duty, guard and reserve members.
It would be a good idea to go to www.mgmresortscareers.com and complete an online application for positions of interest prior to the event.
There are hundreds of open positions.
Participants will be asked to show military ID or proof of service.


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Cabelas in Reno is hiring for numerous positions. Part and Full time. Great for students or anyone needing something.

Apply through the website but shoot me a PM and I'll give a good word.


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Company I work for in Sparks is looking for two people.
One for road work / repairs, one for store location.
Must be mechanically inclined and a veteran

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I could use some temp work in the Carson City area, for the next month or so, while the state processes my professional license (teaching).

Mildly disabled vet.
Good customer service skills.
Reasonable computer skills.
Not a complete klutz with tools.
Safety oriented.
Experience in education, childcare, LE/security, retail, public relations, & light bartending (but not all at once).


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Machine Gun Range RSO ($15-$25 an hour plus tips depending on experience and performance)

I am looking for someone/ a few people to work as RSOs, probably full time. Possibly part time.

Exotic Firearms and Machine Gun experience company is looking for Range Safety Officers and individuals with potential to manage personnel and operations. We are WILLING TO TRAIN. Veterans and Law Enforcement a plus! Looking to fill full-time and part-time positions immediately. Prior knowledge of firearms, particularly belt fed machine guns a plus.

Job Description: Range Officer

Job Summary: The Range Officer is responsible for the safety of all customers and staff. He/She has extensive knowledge about the operation of firearms. The primary duty is to organize, conduct and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations for all shooters at all times. He/She will ensure that the entire facility and all operations are maintained at the highest standards.


Physical Requirements:

Able to lift 70 lbs, stand for extended periods of time

21 years or older
High School Diploma or equivalent
Highly self motivated/able to work without direction
Naturally friendly and positive daily attitude (Most Important)
Ability to multi-task and prioritize responsibilities
Excellent communication skills
Ability to carry out directives efficiently
Proficient with handguns, rifles, belt fed machine guns -willing to train
Desire to learn new skills and accept responsibility

PM me for details.